Our Services

We prepare the best product placement and marketing strategy for your company and your product. We connect you with the best people directly in the foreign market and we manage all steps directly, to find the best way how to succeed.

We have experienced team in marketing planning, analysis and marketing execution. We have also software development team, working with leading technologies to deliver best solutions to our clients.

Marketing Analysis

Subcontractor management



Project management

Software development

About Us

We are company, helping other companies delivering their products, mostly in food and beverages branch, into foreign markets. We operate in Switzerland and neighboring countries.

We have contractual relationships with distribution networks in many countries. We use up to date marketing technologies for selling products like AR etiquettes (mobile applications), online marketing techniques and other ways how to get product to the customer. We own all necessary licenses to such solutions and we have own software and marketing development teams to work with this solutions.


We are proud to announce a new shareholder of Global F&B Development Anstalt a Luxembourg based Laureti Automotive Corporation SA.

Global F&B Development Anstalt

Pflugstrasse 22
FL-9490 Schaan
Principality of Liechtenstein

E: global@anstalt.at